Holiday Magic cosmetics are characterized by their careful manufacturing process. All the products contain natural fruit extracts (to provide vitamin, proteins, and mineral salts) and highest quality ingredients. Their well-balanced formulas respond basically to three specific requirements:


  • To gently deep-cleanse the skin without harming its naturals balance.


  • To maintain skin’s moisture level to a maximum.


  • To combat wrinkles, by all the means, and encourage cell renovation.


There are specific products for each skin type, which have been carefully studied to achieve magnificent results.


Holiday Magic products, enhance the beauty of the skin and especially to protect it through their daily care. In the Holiday Magic cosmetics line will find the products you need to get a lovely complexion, soft and smooth skin. They extend in time the natural beauty of the skin, preventing skin aging. "They provide softness and beauty to the skin from morning to night".


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